What Are The Different Type of Moving Boxes Available For Your Moving

May 6, 2022

When relocating to a new house, nothing is more important than having the correct moving supplies on-hand. Of course, out of all the moving supplies required, moving boxes are the most essential. Luckily, several different sorts of moving boxes exist to make your move effortless. Here’s a quick run-down on the different type of moving boxes available:

Small cardboard boxes:

When looking to buy moving supplies, ensure to buy adequate small cardboard boxes. In fact, we advocate that most of your moving boxes should be small in size because smaller boxes are easier to load & carry when relocating. Also, they’re ideal for small, heavy items like appliances, kitchenware, books, pantry items and more. These small boxes usually measure 12-14 inches long.

Medium cardboard boxes:

Medium cardboard boxes are a very popular kind of moving box. Usually 14-18 inches long, this size box is perfect for relocating small-medium sized household items like pans, pots, picture frames, vases, toys, bed linens, clothing and more. Medium cardboard boxes are small enough to carry to the moving truck but large enough to manage a broad range of household stuff.

Large cardboard boxes:

You will only require a handful of large cardboard boxes if you are relocating to a small apartment. Typically measuring 18-24 inches long, these boxes can be used to pack large yet lightweight items like pillows, clothing, blankets, bedding, paper towels, toilet paper and more.

Wardrobe boxes:

If you are planning to move hanging clothes, you will most probably require many wardrobe boxes to carry your suits and dresses. These boxes offer a great way to ship hanging clothes without wrinkling them during the transport.

Lamp boxes:

It is difficult to move tall floor lamps. Besides being fragile, they can also be difficult to pack due to their unique shape and size. Fortunately, lamp boxes let you pack & ship a floor lamp in the safest way possible. These boxes help assure that your lamp base makes it to its new house safely & securely.

No matter what type of moving boxes you are looking for, American Knights Moving has you covered. As a leading provider of packers and movers services in Houston, Texas, we can help you with your packing by providing you with a wide range of top-quality packing supplies. Don’t risk your items by packing them wrongly. Instead call us and let us do this chore for you!

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