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Why do you calculate my price by capacity and not by weight?

Your move is calculated by how much room it takes up on the truck because that is the factor that affects cost.  If a customer moves a van full of pillows, it wouldn’t weigh much but would still cost the same amount of fuel and manpower to get it to its destination.  

Additionally, capacities are easier to estimate which allows us to get you the most accurate estimate for your move so there are no surprises at delivery.  Further, moves calculated by capacity are faster because the driver is not forced to use busy weigh stations on the way to your destination.  

Any move can be calculated by weight should a customer prefer or a responsible agency such as an employer or government entity require it.

What is the difference between a carrier and a broker?

A carrier is a company licensed by the federal government to conduct moves.  A carrier owns their own trucks and hire their own staff.  When you book with a carrier, you can rest assured that the company you speak to on the phone is the same company that will show up to complete both your pickup and delivery.

A broker is one who books moves for customers then sells them to a carrier.  A broker typically does not own their own trucks, is not license to cross state lines as a household goods mover and sometimes does not even operate out of an office.  You can look information like this up yourself on protectyourmove.gov.  Additionally, a broker will typically charge a larger deposit of about 10% of the cost of your move.  They often then undercut pricing specifically to get the job.  Customers who book their move through a broker will typically find a surprise price increase on move day.  It is not advisable to book your move through a broker as you will have no opportunity to choose your actual carriers.  You will have no control over policies and procedures nor any opportunity to conduct any research to ensure you are moving with honest professionals.  American Knights Moving and Storage is a licensed carrier of household goods.  We are licensed to conduct interstate moves in TX and OH as well as to cross state lines in order to get you to your final destination.

Are there any items that I can't send with the movers?

Some articles should certainly be moved with the owners.  Items like important documents and files, cash, and items of sentimental or extraordinary value are irreplaceable and therefore they are best cared for when they remain with the owners.  Additionally, There are some items that we are prohibited from carrying for safety reasons.  Please click below for a complete list of prohibited Hazardous Materials.  

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What is included in my estimate?

Estimates include fuel, tolls, taxes, and mileage, wrapping furniture in protective padding, disassembly of any items that need to be disassembled and delivery.  Our crew will be happy to place items where you need them to go at your final destination as well as to reassemble any furniture that was disassembled with the exception of Ikea pieces, children’s furniture, weight and exercise equipment, and children’s swing sets and other toys or equipment, and particle-board furniture.  If there are any pieces in your home you are concerned about, it is best to inquire with your sales representative.

**Please note that our crew does not re-connect anything that affects plumbing or electrical systems.  They are not trained or licensed to do so and therefore we choose not to accept the liability.

What are my rights and responsibilities as consumer of moving services?

Before selecting a moving company, it is crucial to understand your rights and responsibilities. Your knowledge can help you better prepare for the moving process
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administartion – FMCSA’s regulations protect consumers who are moving to a different state and provide information on the rights and responsibilities of consumers and the movers and brokers they hire.

You can download these two booklets by clicking the link below:


1. Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
2. Ready to Move Brochure

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