Virginia’s Top 4 Locations to Move and to Live

Mar 13, 2023

Virginia is supposedly a state for lovers, and we agree! It is close to the centre of our nation’s politics, military, and history. A total of eight US presidents were born there. It is a truth that Virginia has something for everyone with its sand beaches and mountain woods.

These 4 finest locations to live in Virginia may provide everything you’re searching for, whether it’s a simple life in a tiny town or limitless options in a huge city.

Falls Church:

Anyone wishing to stay close to the Washington, D.C. metro region will find Falls Church to be the ideal location. It was first created as a colonial settlement in the 1600s, and today it is a historic town. With an average salary of more than $120,500, the 13,300 residents have one of the highest salaries in the state. These people also benefit from a low crime rate, and the area’s historical significance means that history aficionados will enjoy the multitude of attractions it offers.

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Along the western bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria is situated approximately 6 miles from the city centre of Washington, DC. The community is close to Reagan Airport in Washington, DC, and has convenient access to I-395 and I-1A. 

There is lots to do in Alexandria, Virginia. The city has a flourishing arts culture, with numerous museums and theatres to visit. Because the city is close to Washington, D.C., there are no shortage of sightseeing and adventure possibilities.

Virginia Beach:

With 448,290 people call it home, Virginia Beach is one of the most populated areas in the Mother of States. And it’s logical given that the cost of living here is as low as you’ll find in one of Virginia’s top locations to live. The average property price is $259,900, while rent is roughly $1,200.


With a little more than 5,000 residents, Broadway is a small town in Virginia. Broadway, which lies in the Shenandoah Valley, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. Numerous American historical landmarks can be found in the town. Broadway is also home to a strong arts scene, including a number of museums and art galleries.

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