The Importance of an Inventory

Apr 15, 2021

One common complaint by customers regarding their professional move is that costs seem to increase after receiving an estimate.  While it is true that some companies could be using unfair tactics or unscrupulous pricing standards and business practices, it is more likely that the company wasn’t presented with an accurate inventory.  Your inventory determines the amount of space your move will take up on the truck.  This is how your price is determined so it needs to be accurate for a successful move.

An accurate inventory is paramount to getting an accurate quote.  Many customers unintentionally intend to omit items or underestimate the amount of things they have.  I know I’ve done it…. I pack everything for a move and proudly announce to my moving team (usually some poor boyfriend and his friends) that I’m “100% packed”.  The team then assembles 30 minutes late on Saturday, only to discover the art still hanging on the walls, table lamps still on the end tables, and a fully-loaded entertainment center (oops!).  Those items count too!

Take the time to create a detailed and accurate inventory before you reach out to moving companies for estimates.  This well help to ensure zero surprises on move day.  You’ll realize you actually have 57 boxes, not 25!

Save this inventory for your personal use later.  It is surprisingly easy to overlook your favorite painting when you’re going through a move.  Places like closets, garages, storage sheds, and under the stairs or beds are commonly-overlooked places where tons of extra capacity can sneak up on you.  Once you’ve inventoried everything, use your inventory like a checklist to make sure that all of your items arrive to their final destination and nothing is overlooked.

This inventory comes in handy yet again – with the insurance company.  It is often overwhelming to shop around for renter’s or homeowner’s insurance because they want to know the value of your stuff.  Save this inventory to revisit throughout your life any time you are shopping for insurance.

Bottom line: take your time on the inventory to protect yourself from moving day surprises.  You can use it over and over again and your wallet will thank you!

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