Moving Professionals Sharing Their Experiences: What Items Are Difficult To Move.

Apr 9, 2022

Moving is usually a stressful and challenging endeavor, but it can be overpowering when adding big or unique items to the mix. Moving of these items needs special knowledge, understanding, and care to assure their safety during transit. Discussed below are some of the most difficult things in your home to move.

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Appliances, Mattresses & Large Pieces of Furniture:

These big & heavy items can be physically challenging to relocate safely. Before moving day, ensure you know where the items are going and measure door frames to make sure everything will fit. Wrap any handles or legs and add padding to sharp corners to safeguard both your furniture and the walls in your home.

Artwork and invaluable heirlooms:

These items are not necessarily physically tough to relocate. Nonetheless, art & heirlooms can be delicate and irreplaceable. For framed artwork, make use of masking tape to place a large X on the glass, then wrap the whole item with palette paper or something identical. You also need to wrap the corners or the entire frame with taped cardboard for extra protection. If your artwork is not framed, wrap it even more generously & place it inside a cushioned, protected box. For other valuable items like china, sculpture, or glassware, make use of bubble wrap liberally. If you are not comfortable with the task of properly securing your artwork or invaluable heirlooms, seek out the assistance of experienced professionals with a proven record of success.


Pianos are not only musical instruments or stunning pieces of furniture, but they are absolute nightmares when it comes to moving. They’re not just bulky and cumbersome to move, but they are also equipped with small, intricate parts that can be easily damaged. Some even leave them behind so that they don’t need to relocate them. Eventually, it is recommended to hire a residential moving company in Texas to handle relocating your piano, so any damage during the move won’t lead to expensive repairs.


As living things, houseplants can be a bit tricky & messy to relocate. There may be restrictions on moving your plants out of state; however, if you are moving within your state and you follow USDA regulations you are fine. One or two weeks prior to your moving date, move your plants to plastic planters from ceramic planters to give them some time to adapt. When your moving date arrives, transport the plants in your vehicle since the back of a moving truck is not climate controlled. When you reach your new home, give the plants time to adjust and recuperate from moving before attempting to plant them again in their original pots. American Knights Moving and Storage has the experience and professional staff to relocate even the most challenging items in your house safely. Our goal is to offer peace of mind before, during, and after moving day and assure you’ve the best feasible moving experience irrespective of your situation. We also offer storage service at our facility, if you need it.

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