Consolidated Moves 101

Apr 15, 2021

Frustrated?  We get it.  It’s your 6th night sleeping on the floor.  Your back hurts, the baby is crying.  Why isn’t your furniture there yet?!? You call for updates daily only to be told that your move is still being coordinated.  Why?  What is taking so long?  What do you mean it’s a “consolidated delivery”!?!

The vast majority of household moves in the United States are consolidated.  This is because consolidated moves are cheaper… much cheaper…. than the alternative.  Wonderful, right?  That depends… every good (or cheap) thing in life comes with a downside.

Consolidating your move simply means that your things are picked up and brought back to a warehouse for temporary storage until we gather multiple households all going in the same direction, at relatively the same time.  Once we have enough capacity to (hopefully) fill a container, we head out across the country to deliver your things using one tractor trailer, one crew, etc.  This means that the costs associated with truck maintenance, fuel, labor, etc. are all spread out over multiple households making the move cheaper for each individual customer.

What’s so bad about that?  It takes TIME.  It is unpredictable.  The best thing you can do is be prepared.  We know there is a LOT of information presented to you when booking your move and it can be incredibly overwhelming.  But try to set aside some time to hear the bullet points of what your sales rep is saying and go through your estimate to read about all the unpredictable situations that can arise and be incredibly frustrating if you’re not ready for them.  Trust us – it’s worth it!  Moving is stressful enough – take the time to be prepared for the unknown.

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