Common Myths About Hiring Moving Services for moving in and out of South Carolina

Apr 8, 2023

Have you heard weird stories about hiring moving services for South Carolina? Believe in what you experience, not in what you hear!

Some misunderstandings can lead to wrong decisions and even complicate your moving process of moving from or to South Carolina. It can compromise your relationship with your moving company and make your experience a nightmare.

Moving is a stressful event- make it smooth by knowing the truth.

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We are going to debunk the misconceptions and myths about hiring moving services.

Let us explore the myths and find the truth!

There is no difference- all moving companies are the same!

Not True!

Moving services are different and vary in many aspects from company to company! Judge and choose moving companies from their reputation, experience, and reliability. Services offered and pricing are a few ways moving companies differ in delivering the best.

Most people think that all moving companies are the same. But the fact is they vary in many aspects.

Factors like the safety of belongings and customer service matter the most when hiring professional moving services.

Evaluate your moving company beforehand to get the best assistance from expert movers who can leave you stress-free.

Be Prepared to bear the cost of missing or damaged Items

Not True! 

When you hire reliable movers, it ensures a damage-free relocation experience. We cannot control sudden mishaps or accidents.

When working with insured and licensed movers, there is no stress about your belongings getting damaged or missing. You get the best coverage for your damaged valuables.

Experienced and professional movers know efficient packing of items to minimize damage. Moving company having years of experience can handle your goods to ensure safe arrival at the destination.

The expert movers know how to use packing materials to prevent damage to your furniture or belongings.

Do not label and organize the boxes!

False! It is a must-do activity when relocating!

Moving can be easier for you and the movers if you label your belongings. When packing, you should label boxes according to where they are going. Like for kitchen supplies or bedding, so you do not have trouble finding things when you get to your new home.

Organize and label your items packed in different moving boxes. When moving, it is easy to label the boxes with a color-coding system that assigns a color to each category.

DIY moving is cheaper than hiring costly moving services – check twice!

Some people believe that moving without the assistance of professional movers can save a few dollars. However, you may spend even more than expected with a DIY relocation. If you take your time, equipment, and materials into account, it results in a costly DIY move.

Professional movers cover all these costs and bring extra help to pack to speed up the moving process. Now, do the math and find how much you could gain from working with a professional.

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Choose Weekends to Move – inefficient financially.  

Most people believe moving on Fridays and weekends is the best time because there is ample time to unpack and organize your new residence. But what if everyone has the same thinking?

Book your professional movers during off-peak hours, preferably in the morning or afternoon of a weekday. It is profitable to book your moving company far in advance to avoid full schedules.


To avoid making mistakes that could cost you money in the long run, find out the truth about professional moving services. We hope that you will find the above myth-busting facts helpful when you move again in the future!

As Texas-licensed movers, American Knights Moving offers reliable moving services to make your move to/from South Carolina stress-free. Contact us to get an estimate to hire moving services for South Carolina!

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