American Knights Moving & Storage: Best Long-Distance Movers in Texas

Mar 15, 2024

If you do not hire the best long-distance mover, it is impossible to have a planned move. The moving company you select needs to be one whom you can trust that they will handle your valuables with care and have the expertise and resources to make a move as smooth as possible. We at American Knights Moving & Storage have all the qualities required to be the best long-distance movers in Texas. Let us look at the qualities that make us the best in Texas for your out of state move.

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Transparent pricing 

It is prudent to look at the contract before hiring a Cross country moving company. As part of the moving process, we will also provide you with an estimate and terms and conditions form. If you look at the estimate, it will be crystal clear about the charges we will charge to offer our services. It will also include all the job details covered by the contract. There are no hidden charges that may astonish you in the end. Our pricing is transparent; even an ordinary person can understand the breakup.

Insured and bonded 

As a long-distance moving company, we are insured and bonded, which improves your moving experience. In case of any mishap or damage to your belongings, we are responsible for tackling that. You do not have to bother about any aspect after you have hired us. Being bonded, the safety of your belongings is our responsibility. In case of any damage, we will compensate that as a part of your long distance move contract.


We will willingly share if you ask for references or reviews from our previous customers. All our reviews will refer to our name as the best moving storage company in Texas. Our company with a volume of 1500 moves per year rarely get a negative review, but our positive reviews speak for themselves. We take utmost care of our customers belongings, pack those with proper packing material, and load those carefully onto our trucks. Any mishap rarely happens during moving, so all our customers are satisfied with our services, and so they write positive reviews about us.


We have been offering full packing and moving services since 2007. During this period, we have helped thousands of various US customers with different natures of belongings to move. As said earlier there are practically no errors during the moves, done by American Knights Moving. We have the experience and knowledge to pack delicate items. We also understand how to pack heavy items to avoid any damage. Our expert team has the ability to load and unload fragile and heavy items with care. We even have the expertise to unload and dismantle the items at the relocated place per customer’s advance request . 


We are always available to offer professional moving services to you. It will never happen that we cannot provide our services on your moving date. We have many teams of experienced packers and movers so one of them will be there to help you. Then also, we will advise you to book early to avoid any inconvenience. 

So, in the future, when you require the services of the best packers and movers in Texas, do remember us at American Knights Moving & Storage Call today: 866-931-6190.

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